Need an Internet Connection? Need an Internet Connection?


RICHA TELECOM is a Category ‘B’ Internet Service Provider (ISP), engaged in providing Internet and other related value added services to its customers with the objective of providing integrated telecom and IT services, RICHA TELECOM has positioned itself as a technology partner for its customers. We provide wireless broadband fiber access and a suite of value added services with a distinctive delivery mechanism based on the “build own and operate model”.

RICHA TELECOM bouquet of offerings

At RICHA TELECOM, we specialize in providing a range of Internet services and solutions in five key customer segments.

Residential   Apartment Wi-Fi, Broadband Internet, e-Learning, Access Control, VoIP
Corporate   Lease Line Internet, Network Management Services
Educational Institutions   Campus Wi-Fi, Broadband Internet, Lease Line Internet, LAN, e-Learning, e-Library, Streaming Content, VoIP, IT enabled Services (ERP, Examination processing etc.)
Hotels   Internet, VoD, Video Conferencing, VoIP
Shopping Malls   Wi-Fi, Broadband Internet, Lease line Internet, Advertisements, Streaming Videos

RICHA TELECOM is very much aware of the security exposure of Wi-Fi services especially as a medium to access Internet. In line with the need of the hour, RICHA TELECOM has drawn up a plan to comply with various standards, both from the network security and from the policy / procedure / standards perspective. The framework touches each and every aspect of RICHA TELECOM activity, services and delivery; thereby ensuring that the quality of service standard is consistently met and adhered to. RICHA TELECOM ensures that the services are free of known malicious activities.